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Advertising Production

Outsourced Efficiency with Insourced Control.

Advertising Production



Frequency, pagination, size and design complexity are all seamlessly covered.

Working with your own internal sales teams or outsourced sales is what we do. AdTrak technology ensures whatever inventory you have is processed for everyone to see and sign off.


We deliver on over fifty magazines, guides and brochures across all sectors and all ad sizes with professional teams.


All services are interchangeable to suit you or your clients needs so complete flexibility of service menus. The ad production team is a natural extension of your sales resource and manages everything post sale to appearing in print or digital.


Page rates allow budgeting and the whole service removes the overhead whilst maintaining the service.

  • Account Management

  • Copy Chasing

  • Client Brief Interpretation

  • Soft proofing

  • Advert Design / Preflight

  • AdTrak CRM

  • PageTrak

  • Single Fixed Price Page Rates

Editorial Production

Editorial Production

Fourteen designers ensure backup, collaboration, deadline security and skill fit.

Consistent functional design is vital, whether you are re-launching or using an existing template. So flexibility, creativity and Mac skills are paramount.


Our technology allows you to see design in progress anywhere, anytime and by who you want. So no delays and instant efficiency.


An allocated designer gives you a relationship with your existing team for continuity and detail. The ATG design team means capacity for you as work expands without the worry of expensive overheads.


Single page rates mean precise cost forecasting. All new design work goes through a rigorous process to ensure a seamless delivery of your media.


Outsourced Efficiency with Insourced Control.

  • PageTrak enabled workflow

  • Flat Planning & Page Design

  • Cover to Cover Solutions

  • Picture Sourcing and Re-touching

  • Subbing

  • Single Page Rates

Digital Editorial Platforms

Digital Editorial Platforms

Quick, cost efficient and with the latest technology.

There is a plethora of digital publishing tools and it can be quite difficult to assess which is going to work for you.


Working with Aquafadas Publishing System under licence, we deliver a complete digital publishing suite in the UK and Eire.


This covers all aspects of digital from content design, app creation, distribution and analytics and is cross platform.


All this is without the need for code and gets your magazine on tablet cost efficiently.

  • Create Apps without coding and attract new customers

  • Create enriched content that gives the reader a new experience

  • Convert your PDFs and go digital automatically

  • Own a powerful marketing tool that drives more readers and revenue

Outsourced Efficiency with Insourced Control.

Contract Publishing

Content Publishing

The one stop shop for managing and developing your brand communications

We can deliver all your communications and content across various channels that suit your audience. Get your brand messaging across consistently and allow your customers to access your content when and where they want it.


We work with your existing teams to any level you want to provide seamless marketing.

Editorial, design, sales, proofing, print, postage and distribution. The full publishing package or mix and match services to suit you.



Outsourced Efficiency with Insourced Control.

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