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Mercury is the quarterly publication of Interflora UK based in Sleaford. The brief was to present a re-design of the magazine running in parallel with the existing issue and following refreshed brand guidelines. The magazine was being produced by a marketing agency. The ATG team met up for a face to face brief to get a full understanding on workflows and imported the issue content. Templates were created and a full magazine was printed and presented alongside the existing issue for direct comparison.


Needless to say, the Interflora editorial board loved the changes with great feedback from the florists.

Match magazine was originally being designed by five separate designers as a weekly football magazine. Very busy and very detailed. The new owners reduced the resource to three but wanted to use the ATG systems to maintain quality but further reduce the design resource, whilst fitting the existing print and production schedules. No problem. It is now produced by one designer.

GeoConnexion badly needed a re-design and had three editors in different parts of the country and a sales director based overseas. The solution was hooking them all up to the PageTrak and AdTrak systems followed by some quick training on the newly created dashboards. Design refresh and job done. 

Black Beauty and Hair is a glossy newsstand consumer magazine. The publisher was looking for redesign, cost efficiencies and general improvements to workflow. His worry was that the bulk of titles on the ATG website looked like B2B magazines (our fault!). Redesign and getting AdTrak set up for the substantial ad volume ended up with a very happy publisher.

NFU had multiple magazines in their portfolio the most complex of which being British Farmer & Grower. Which consists of 7 regional editions of varying sizes. Each containing majority national editorial with regional section specific to each region. Advertising also can appear in all regions sold as national advertising, or could only appear in specific regions. ATG had to develop and method to flat plan all regions simultaneously and copy chase such a product. This has been developed so the flatplanned space is viewable to the NFU on our pagetrak system. Allowing sales to see what space is available to sell. Editorial is designed in NFU’s custom build CMS system, which has been linked to our systems or automated delivery / return into our pagetrak system.

The British Promotional Marketing Association were quite happy with their freelancer designing the bi-monthly magazine. ATG Media halved the page rate they were being charged, followed by design improvements, workflow efficiency and copy chasing advertising in the price.

With contracts coming and going, a Midlands customer publishing agency wanted to gain efficiencies within the business by reducing design overheads. Using freelancers was an option but they needed an operation that was safe, flexible and experienced in multiple markets with the ability to move fast when a pitch was successful. ATG Media is now their outsourced design and production resource working on all new and existing magazines.

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