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Simple (and quick) file renaming in OSX

Ever stared at a folder full of files with varying prefix and suffix and just ploughed on with the manual copy/paste or typing to get the text string you need? So did we, using tab, return, paste, return etc. But now we have this cheeky little shortcut that's been built into MacOS for years.

Got to the folder whose contents you wish to rename, select all (or select a multiple of items to rename), right click and select "Rename X items…"

Use Replace Text to find and change anything you wish.

1. First example is adding a prefix "Test" to the text string:

2. Second example is removing various characters before the .jpg filetype, leaving the Replace with field empty just removes the character:

With the folder items still selected the contents can be renamed multiple times without any deselecting and reselecting of items. In example 2 the Find character "a" can be changed to "b", "c" etc as can be seen in the screenshot until all extra characters are removed. No more Return, Tab, Delete, Return. Yay!

I don't normally blog tech hints and tips but I found this one saves so much time that I had to share it.

Hope this helps.



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