Editorial and Advertising Design and Production across Print and Digital
With over a hundred magazines across thirty publishers, clients, brands and media agencies,
we are the largest UK agency in our sector.
Our strengths are our teams, technology, cost efficiency and flexibility
Full Service Marketing & Communications 

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Frequency, pagination, size or complexity are all seamlessly covered.

We provide a technology backed one-stop shop solution covering advertising sales, client copy chasing, advert design and production.

Multi-platform management of all your communications for customer recruitment and retention, brand consistency and joined up marketing.

Covering high or low volume, time sensitive design and production across weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, annuals, catalogues and one-offs.

We create Digital Publishing channels - allowing you to create native apps without coding to all major digital platforms.


Breadth of Coverage

Providing a full service publishing, design, production and copy chasing service to publishers, membership organisations and media agencies


© ATG MEDIA 2019